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Wow nallie

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I apologize for not being active! A lot has happened. Work. Cars. The family has grown a bit. Tumblr has been taking a lot of my attention. I am so sorry! I will try and be more active. If not don't be afraid to shot me a message!

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Busy with life and mostly with work. Went on vacation not too long ago. Nothing special. Came back with a ton of new stuff especially a new sweater that's kinda very bright pink? I don't even know what color it is. Also tumblr has been getting most of the attention from me. I'll try my best to update this more often.

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Wake me up when its September. I'm tired and maybe acquire a nap.

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I'm still alive. I'm just currently busy with work and such. <3 I'll try to update this more often after the holidays or when I have time.

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[Throws a stuffed animal bat at her friends.] RAWR!

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Sochi 2014

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I'm glad that never happened at Sochi during the Olympics. I can only imagine what kind of mess that would have been. Dad said the attacks before the events might have been a scare tactic. You know what I call those types of people? Monsters.

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My prayers go out to Russia. <3 I wish the chaos would just end already. I'm thinking of you guys.

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Sorry I haven't been on. >_< I've been busy with other things. Also I've made the choice to become a model for wedding dresses. I haven't applied or even research how to become one. But I want to. I'll let you guys know when it happens. :) Maybe I'll appear in magazines!!

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Dear Grace,

You're an idiot. You really are. Calling me a "stalker" does/did hurt me emotionally and mentally. Do you realize how much words hurt and what they can do to people? Did you see the reports about people committing suicide because of people like you? DID YOU?! You're a freaking idiot who is completely heartless! What would have happened if I actually did it?! HUH?! You should be thankful that Jessi and Tahno-mun were there for me! I had a freaking break down the day after! [Shakes head] I hope some people realize the shit head you are.

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Her Highness
05.08.2013 в 13:19
Пишет ~a-kin~:

Noble V: Greylancer by Hideyuki Kikuchi
Убийственно похож на Алукарда глав герой этой книги.

Кикути, ага, снова :angel2: Вомперы, мир VHD, война, пришельцы, технологии, кризис, усе сейчас скачаю отсюда и буду читать

Кстати я пропустила выход 20 тома Vampire Hunter D: Scenes from an Unholy War

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Her Highness
31.05.2013 в 16:09
Пишет ~a-kin~:

Даа, сказать, что меня впечатлило - это значит промолчать вообще. Оригинально в кубе

04.04.2013 в 13:43
Пишет Астароша Мюррей:
и правда, было бы забавно, если такое вживую увидеть
03.04.2013 в 14:05
Пишет hate-watching:
ах, если бы правда...
03.04.2013 в 11:26
Пишет XSha:
И наши умеют сногсшибательную рекламу делать, когда захотят.

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Okay. So it's been raining off and on this whole week. :D It's rather nice to have rain opposed to blue skies sometimes. But that's just me.

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I just can't. . .

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There's been drama on Tumblr today. -_-; I wish people wouldn't judge right away. But whatever. This is why I hate people sometimes. But whatever. I don't care anymore. :/

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HI Reyko32! Nice to meet you! :D

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Oh my god!

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I can't watch a single episode of Bleach! I missed it last night because I went to bed early and when I wake up to check the time. It was almost over! UGH! So I went looking for the episode and now I can't watch it. It keeps "loading" which ticks me off. The next person who makes me anger will be punched!

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Korra graphic

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I just wanted to share this. I don't know who made it.

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Ugh oh my gosh

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T______T It's supposed to be Spring. Not summer. I'm not ready for the hot weather. We're in a little heat wave and I haven't gone outside beside getting the mail. Nice weather will return Thursday/Friday. I hope it does. ;.;

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Okay! I totally forgot my password! I saved the email just in case. I'm all better now. :)

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First off, I wanna say that I'm sorry for not updating like I wanted to. ;A; Tumblr and other stuff has been getting my attention. If you ever need me. You can find me here!

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Her Highness

Here. Have a AU Noatak!

By: Mongoliantiger

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