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I wonder if Celes and her "friend" ever ask for premission to use fanart as avatars. It makes me curious~. Probably not and they say that I'm wrong? Bitch please. She should put her foot where her mouth is. |:



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New icons because I wanted some new ones and needed a change. Noatak/Amon from The Legend of Korra.


In 11 Months - The Disaster Areas.

Her Highness
29.02.2012 в 17:36
Пишет ~a-kin~:

Молодцы японцы, мо-лод-цы! Постапокалипсис со знаком +

29.02.2012 в 11:08
Пишет Случайный дневник:

Восстановление Японии

Восстановление Японии, Фото во время катастрофы и после неё

Помните катастрофу в Японии? Предлагаем вам ознакомиться с цифрами и с фотографиями, которые были сделаны во время катастрофы и после неё. Расходы на реконструкцию, спасательные работы и расчистку завалов составили 245 миллиардов долларов. На фото: Тагаджо, префектура Мияги, 13 марта 2011 года и 12 января 2012 года. (Kazuhiro Nogi)

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URL записи

URL записи

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[No subject]

Her Highness

Enough said.

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If any of you have families members on the Italian cruise ship. I pray and hope they will return to you alive. <3

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Because I can

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Sophia/D =

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God! D's so cute! I can't stand it!! :3

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I dunno know

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New Username

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I'm thinking of changing my name here. But I don't know what to change it to. Maybe "White Polaris" or "Mistress D." [Shrugs] I might change it this weekend since I'll be up watching my anime. :3



Her Highness

A word from your favorite American

Her Highness
It's CON SEASON IN MARYLAND! Two weeks away! I am excited! I already have my outfits planned out. Friday: Going to wear one of my Japanese outfits to support Japan in their time of need. I'm going and try to ask the booths to give my money to Japan. It wouldn't hurt. Saturday: Go as Neo-Queen Serenity. All I have to do is remove the sleeves on my dress and the "crown" isn't exactly like hers but close enough.

Oh, I got my haircut like Esther's but I kept my bangs. I think her bangs was impossible. [Shrugs] But that's okay.

My oldest sister is pregnant. She's about to pop. Due next month. Another boy! My Aunt Marlene gave birth to a boy (he would be my newest cousin). Me? Still nothing.

Also, I got a CAR. (According to Linda it isn't my car yet until I get my permit. Pfff. Linda and her stupid fantasies. But I'm taking the online test (it's not really a test but a tutorial.) I has asked dad something and he said if I got my permit BEFORE the converation, I can drive my car up there. So I'm going to be working hard on getting my permit. The car's a 1995 Maroon Honda Civic. Everything's fine except for the paint job and AC but that's being worked on at Dad's mechanic.






I'm dragging dad to Deathly Hollows 2. Since I dragged him to see the first part. XD We're going after the crowds die down. Can't wait to see it!!!!! (NO SPOILERS GUYS!)

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Her Highness
It's almost con time in my part of the world! I already figured what I'm going to be wearing. Saturday: I'm going to be wearing one of my Japanese outfits to show my support ofr Japan. I'm going to have my hair up in buns with ribbon coming down. Sunday: I'm going ot be wearing my anime Princess Serenity outfit. (IF I'm going to be able to go to the con for a few hours. There's a family reunion that day. It's going to be big.) I'll try and fill my camera up!



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Her Highness

/random post

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Amano Artwork!

Her Highness
Hey Reya, I found some artwork other than D's by Amano. :3



What a wonderful day!

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OH MY GOD! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY I AM RIGHT NOW! I got the news after I turned on the tv and had Fox News Channel on. On the main title thing, it said "Usama Bin Laden Dead." What great news can you get?! After all the trouble and horrible things that he put my country through is dead!!! As the news went on, the reporter said there was a crowd outside the White House chanting "USA! USA!" We also have his body and the DNA tests said yes that he was that monster. The world and my country can breathe a little easier.

Though in the coming months, I want you guys to be safe. Those monsters could be planning attacks. So please be safe.



No I ain't!

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I won't so deal with it.

Revolutionfire's plurk. What a cruel person!



Her Highness
If you had a bad day. I hope these images cheer you up!



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On Groundhog's Dog they say Spring is coming early! Woot! I can't wait for spring! At that time, it is six weeks away. Kinda sick of the cold weather. :P I missed the warm weather. x3


Winter time in America

Her Highness
This was taken outside my house to the left. ^-^


Thoughts and Prayers

Her Highness

I just heard the news. You're again in my thoughts. I hope those responsble (the group) are brought to justice. This is unforgivable. I pray for every one of those innocent people. I'm about to cry now.

[Super hug to Russia]


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† Fatalistic fortune ever near the end. †