Thoughts and Prayers

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I just heard the news. You're again in my thoughts. I hope those responsble (the group) are brought to justice. This is unforgivable. I pray for every one of those innocent people. I'm about to cry now.

[Super hug to Russia]


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The lord has been born

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Merry Christmas~!

Hope yours was awsome as mine!

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Her Highness

He's so cute! I can't stand it! I love German Sherpards. X3 I blame Bear (my mom's dog).



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I'm all well now. While I was sick, I took nightquill pills (it's a medicine and it puts you to sleep) and cough medicine when I got up. But now my sides don't hurt when I cough, no more runny nose, but my nose still gets a little cloggy. But I don't really care much for it. I have my nosel spray for that. :3

So I'm all better now.

OH! I shot nosel spray up my nose with my head back. Don't do it! I had nosel spray taste in my mouth and when I got up the next morning. It wasn't there anymore. Thank the lord. x.x Worst taste ever. ><

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Guess who's sick. Got a sore throat! Thankfully, it won't last that long. It'll be gone in a few days. Hopefully! Being sick sucks.

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Give Thanks!

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A day early but I don't care.


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Welcome AkiraIn! It is nice to meet you! :D

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Voting day!

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It's voting day for the Mid-term elections! (Senate and Congress.) Going voting with my mom today! Hoping the Republicans gain control of one or both houses.

(Song: Requiem of a dream)



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I'm going to buy a sword next year at The Otakon (my state's anime con). << >> If I have enough money. This is also a reminder for me next year. ;P (The sword that Saya is holding is the sword that I want to get. Hopefully the booth will be there next year! I told him "maybe next year." Because I had my heart set on a Vampire Knight (day or night) school uniform. ^^


Open letter

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Dear, Diary.ru,

Please return to the way you once were. Thank you.


Sophie Nightroad



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Welcome Akuma no toshi! Nice to meet you. ^_^



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Welcome Lonely night77! It's nice to meet you!


Ninth Anniversary

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Forever in our hearts.



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I dislike the noise of drunk people. >< Music's too loud and too much noise. Gah. I've got my headphones in my ears right now. Make it stop. Dx


A Friday to remember

Her Highness
Let me just say this. I have never experienced this (and I sincerely hope I never do again) but I was the one who smelled and discovered the fire outside my sister's window. I got steve and Jen up (who got the kids up) and my noise got my stepmom up. I grabbed my phone after waking Steve and Jean called 911. I ran outta the house and did what I was supposed to do. The first thing that I told the operator was "My dad's deck is on fire!" Jen was on the phone with 911 too (I heard the operator saying "We got another call.") Steve and my stepmom took both hoses and kept the fire from spending. I heard the fire truck siren going off, I ran up to the neighbor's backyard (partly abandoned property) and moved my arms showing them where it was. The SUV tried to drive down in the backyard but turned around. The firetruck got here and put the fire out. They foamed it. I was crying my eyes out because all I could think of was my dad's hardwork in that deck and the house! (He built this house with his friends. I didn't want to see that hardwork go!) Jen, Max, Lucy, and I got out of the way for the firefighters did their job. This whole time my legs felt like jello literally. I collapsed onto the ground (not passing out) and after the whole mess got under control I started stop crying. They checked the inside of the house and attic. Everything's fine inside. It was ME who got everyone up and out of the house after smelling it. It was also Linda's and Steve's quick thinking of using the hoses on the fire. (It was pretty much out ((the small flames anyway)) by the time they got there.) Though there was other fires still burning. One of the firefighters (I think he was an invstigator; not really sure) said if we weren't sure about something to call 'em back. The wire that is connected to the TV and the outside electric was blown. Steve plugged the tv into an outlet in the hall bathroom downstairs.

When I was on the phone with my father he said that he will build the grill AWAY from the house this time. This makes me feel a bit better. The cause of the fire was something was moulding and it somehow just caught fire. But it was definitely coming from the grill!







http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v496/SorceryKnightess/Friday%20Deck%20Fire/Housesiding.jpg (You see that little window on the right? That's where I was sleeping.)

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v496/SorceryKnightess/Friday%20Deck%20Fire/Propinetank.jpg (Now Mr. Hill. Propine is safe?)




(In the damage picture is Jen, Steve, Mr. Tom, and the fire invstigator.) Before the fire department left, I hugged one and thanked them.


We are alllll okay. I heard something about dad coming home at lunch. I ruined my pair of socks and the bottom of my pj pants but I don't care.


Our Birthday

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I know its just my country's birthday. But Happy Fourth of July!



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Dean25. Its nice to meet you. ^_^



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Happy birthday, Reya! <33333 Hope it went great for you. :P


MAJOR Art Thief!

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You can read about it http://yuumei.deviantart.com/journal. Please support yuumei against KASEY BOWMAN. She does NOT deserve that award. Yuuemi does.


http://www.democratherald.com/news/local/people/article_b23a237c-06cd-11df-b59f-001cc4c03286.html The article about "Kasey Bowman."

http://www.democratherald.com/news/local/people/article_b23a237c-06cd-11df-b59f-001cc4c03286.html?mode=comments There are the comments for the article.


New chapters

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Chapters 49 and 50 are here. Enjoy. ♥



† Fatalistic fortune ever near the end. †