My dress and shoes

Her Highness
Here's my dress along with my belt and my shoes. ^.^

They're both tan.


The red stuff on my toes is nail polish from my Uncle's wedding last year.


When the lord raisen

Her Highness
Happy Easter!

(Sorry if I'm wrong about the title! Hadn't gone to church in a long while. ><; I KNOW! Don't worry.)


Otakon '10

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This is what I'm going to be this year. Shiru (or Spectra Angel in the dubs). The wings are going to be minisized. So yeah. ^-^



Her Highness
Wind of Twilight! Enjoy your stay. It is nice to meet you. ^_^



Her Highness
Your in my thoughts right now, Russia.



(A song I was listening to over and over again.)



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Giving credit and letting you know who's icons are whose.

D - Found them. (I don't know who originally created them. Still searching for some more.)

Shera - kangawu @ LiveJournal

Lilith - falsicrimen @ LiveJournal

Usagi - Found them.



Test post is test

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Just trying something!



Few things

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Is anyone getting a "pop-up virus" at dA? Topic at UM. There's a thread about the "virus," whether its a real one or not. Just be curious. (I'm there as Moon Princess.) I contacted dA help desk about it. I'll post the reply here when I get it.


My anime guys:

1) Abel Nightroad
2) Vampire Hunter D (I BLAME THE VIDEOS!!!)
3) Redda
4) Gabrollis
5) Ukitake
6) Vash the Stampede
7) Edward Elric

There's more, I just can't think of them right now.


Things I plan to do this year:

1) Control my emotions
2) Get my drivers license
3) Stop being a brat (a little)
4) Stop a certain habit
5) GET A JOB! (Whole different topic.)

:/ Lets see if I can fullfill the list.



Her Highness

Looks like Spring has finally arrived in my little corner of the world! 65! Woohoo! I am able to leave this house and go on my swing. ^_^

Note: Does anyone know where I can get Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust screencaps? >.> I blame the videos on Youtube for this. Thanks!



Her Highness


Her Highness
_Хотару_, welcome to my little corner of the world! Nice to meet you.


I might get a new graphic program today. MIGHT is the keyword! The last time we had to call Mr. Woods (the one before this incident), I had a program called Adobe Photoshop Elements 4 (which I got for my birthday a couple of years ago). My computer did something and we called him, I lost that program when I got my old computer back. I downloaded another program (Adobe Photoshop CS3 which costs $800 here in America) and used it, it didn't open because it had too much stuff on it. But it finally opened. Then when my computer finally died, got the new one (the one I'm using now) and decided to download it again because I still have the link. But it won't run, it comes up with some "runtime error," I talked about it with my friends over at UM. One of my friends (who used to walk for Microsoft) said that I might have to buy the program. So here I am now. T.T The Element program probably costs $80 here. That's what I'm shooting for. =/ I'm glad dad made me save my money and put it in a bank. x3


New Journal

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Created another journal here. It's more of a roleplaying one. I used the username that I have over at LJ.





Her Highness

THIS. Needs to stop! Japan needs to stop drawing pretty bad boys like him! I used to watch this anime and now I've gotten myself back into it. DX Curse you, Redda!



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So my old harddrive (the thing that turns on your computer) was working fine until a few weeks ago. It had made an odd noise when I tried to turn it on. It wasn't even like that morning. So dad decided that I could use his. Computer does the same exact thing. I naturally blame myself. But it did that when my oldest sister tried to use it before me. Come Monday, I use the Library computer and rest of the week, that's what I use. And I also use my mother's at my grandfather's house. On Friday, dad brings home new laptop. I use that until a few days ago. We decided to buy a "new" computer (though I have the same manitor) and Mr. Woods (our computer guy) to set up my computer and put my old harddrive (which has my pictures and stuff) on there. We just got a new harddrive (its HP, has Vista, Windows 7, and IE8), keyboard, and mouse (though I'm using my old wireless mouse we got a month ago?). I love it. <3 My dad's computer was saved from whatever had caused it.


Found out that I have another cavity today when I got to the dentist. Left side, last teeth. T.T I bleed when I brush my teeth. Probably because of the cavity and how senstive it is. >< (I'm scheduled for a filling on March 8th. THAT better come quickly!) *Sighs heavily* Ugh. At least its just one though. I've already decided to cut back majority on the sugar for the rest of my life. I don't get it about the holidays and my mouth. When December rounds around, there shall be NO candy in my stocking!!

Remember kiddies, brush your teeth so they don't become mine!


What would you think?!

Her Highness
If I died tonight. Would you still care?



Her Highness
FINALLY changed my layout. T-T I don't understand why it wouldn't change on my computer. >.> Hates the freaking thing. So yeah. WOOHOO to that!

My computer maybe shot. As in, dead never coming back. I may have killed it. It was fine Saturday morning but now it won't even turn on! When I got back late Saturday evening, the thing (where you have to turn it on) was blinking and making this strange noise. My sister knew what was wrong with it. And said she was going to ask her friend to come over and look at it. (I have to ask her about it.) So I've been using my dad's computer.

I've been e-mailing Isaak (which has stopped) but I got an e-mail from Cain. From my Valetine Day's e-mail. Abel and Cain are both in London. God. Freaking WITCH! (Don't ask, I don't like thinking about it.) So yeah. I don't know when they're both be back. I hope it's soon because I miss Abel. I feel like he's never been in my life. Like he never existed. :( (I've been accompaning myself with roleplaying at LiveJournal. One of my accounts is sophianightroad.)



Credit is needed when due!

Her Highness
Thanks you guys for everything. I know I don't know an announce of your language. Some words I've learned. I just wanted to say thanks for accepting me with open arms. ^^ It means a lot to me.

I don't care if type in either english or Russian.



Tis the season

Her Highness

Hope you get what you wanted.



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I know I haven't updated this thing again. Sorry about that. I'll try and update it more after the Holidays are over.

2010 BABY!

Edit: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Biggest Cruise Ship Revealed

Her Highness

(It's only the world's biggest ship until an even BIGGER Ship out does it. It'll be like the skyscrapers all over again only with ships.)


(There's the pictures of it.


I tried to change the layout of my journal. But it's staying as this! ;.; Wish it was easier like on LI.

† Fatalistic fortune ever near the end. †